WonderLang’s KanaQuest v0.1 is out!

Hello Everyone!

This is a great and exciting moment for WonderLang with the publication of the first version of KanaQuest!


KanaQuest is a game aiming at providing you with a fun way to learn Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana). Click the image to access the game (or follow up the given link).

For the moment, this first version offers a really basic game mode but it will soon be enriched with new ones offering more challenge.

Note that you have to provide a username and password to access the game. This allows your progress to be saved and to be accessible from whichever device you are playing from.

The game has been tested under Firefox, Chrome and Edge under Windows, and Firefox and Chrome under Android.

If you encounter any issue, or if you enjoy the game, please let us know by letting a comment below.

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Have fun,

Stéphane \( ^^)/

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