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Hi Everyone,

If you are an intermediate Japanese learner (JLPT 3 or 4) and are interested in getting further into knowing Japan and Japanese literature, here is a cool book for you!

The book provides a selection of classical stories from famous Japanese authors (Souseki and Ryuunosuke) , with for each of them some information on the author, the background of the stories, and a side by side view of the orignal text and its translation, in addition to a quite complete vocabulary list.
A note though: you will find really little grammar, that’s the reason why I advise it for people having a minimal grammar background.
Also, be warned that these stories, in quite traditional Japanese spirit, are quite gloomy/strange and might not be to the taste of everyone.
But for those who are loving that kind of stories, or are willing to try, this book is great! So do not hesitate to have a look at it!

One more point, audio version of teh stories are available on the publisher’s web site!


Do not hesitate if you have questions or want some more details (page captions, stories…)


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