First words in Japanese

Here is some basic Japanese vocabulary that goes along learning hiragana and katakana alphabets. Each word is provided with audio pronunciation.

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Week 1: あいうえお

いう to say (dictionary form)
いいえ no
あおい blue (adjective)

Week 2: かきくけこ

あかい red (adjective)
えき train station
いく to go (dictionary form)
いけ pond
ここ here (next to me)

Week 3: さしすせそ

さけ sake, alcool
かさ umbrella
leg, foot
candy, sweets
chair, stool
small quantity, few
the world, the universe

satellite, moon

Note: えい makes a long え sound

そこ there (next to you)

over there (away from me and you)



Week 4: たちつてと

うた song, poetry
たかい high, tall, expensive (adjective)
いち one
かたち shape, form
くつ shoes
つくえ desk
つかう to use, to make use of
ちかてつ subway


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