First words in Japanese

Here is some basic Japanese vocabulary that goes along learning hiragana and katakana alphabets. Each word is provided with audio pronunciation.

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Week 1: あいうえお

いう to say (dictionary form)
いいえ no
あおい blue (adjective)

Week 2: かきくけこ

あかい red (adjective)
えき train station
いく to go (dictionary form)
いけ pond
ここ here (next to me)

Week 3: さしすせそ

さけ sake, alcool
かさ umbrella
leg, foot
candy, sweets
chair, stool
small quantity, few
the world, the universe

satellite, moon

Note: えい makes a long え sound

そこ there (next to you)

over there (away from me and you)



Week 4: たちつてと

うた song, poetry
たかい high, tall, expensive (adjective)
いち one
かたち shape, form
くつ shoes
つくえ desk
つかう to use, to make use of
ちかてつ subway
さとう sugar
おと sound, noise


Week 5: なにぬねの

なつ Summer
おとな adult, grown-up
にく meat, flesh
いちにち one day, all day long
いぬ dog
たぬき tanuki, raccoon dog
きつね fox
ねこ cat
その this + (next to you)
きのう yesterday

Week 6: はひふへほ

はな flower
このは foliage, leaves of trees
ひと person, people
ひこうき aircraft
ふね ship, boat
さいふ wallet, purse
へた bad, poorly skilled
ほん book
ほう direction, way, manner

Week 7: まみむめも

うま horse
なまえ name
うみ sea, seaside
はなみ watching flowers (particularly cherry blossom)
あめ rain or candy
せつめい explanation
くも cloud
かいもの shopping, purchased goods

Week 8: やゆよ

やま mountain
なつ やすみ Summer holidays
ゆき snow
ゆうめい dream
よる evening
たいよう sun, the Sun

Week 9: らりるれろ

むら village
ちから force, energy
あり ant
まつり festival
よる evening
かえる to come back or frog
れい zero (0)
きれい beautiful, clean
ろく six (6)
こころ heart, spirit

Week 8: わをん

かわ river
わたし I, me
コーヒー を のみます I drink coffee
てん sky, heaven or point, spot
てんぷら tempura, battered and deep fried fish and vegetables


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