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You may have seen it, Gintama will be going live this Summer. Let’s have a look to the Gintama JDrama anouncement!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with JDrama, JDrama, or ドラマ in Japanese, is the name for the Japanese TV Series. JDrama are organized along 4 seasons: winter, spring summer and fall; and each season is the opportunity to discover a new bunch of TV series, or the continuation of the most favorited ones (this is the same principle as for anime / アニメ. A season for a serie contains generally between 8 and 12 episodes, sometimes preceded and/or followed by some special episodes. For prime toime series, the duration of an episode is around 45 minutes, but for some secondary series episodes can be only 15 minutes.


Gintama is originally a manga started in 2003 and now counting more than 67 volumes. The manga narrates the comical adventures of Gintoki Satama, a samurai living in an Edo period where aliens named “Amanto” have taken the control and abolished the right for humans to wear weapons, and trying is best to earn his life by accepting various jobs.

The manga has been adapted into multiple anime versions since 2006, and this summer it is getting a live action adaptation. Let’s have a look at this last!


The official website for the series is here:


Now, let’s have a look at the top picture:

Here is some vocabulary to help you decrypt the anouncement:

銀魂 ぎんたま gintama Silver Soul, surname of the hero
ドラマ DORAMA drama
オリジナル ORIJINARU original
マンガ MANGA manga
アニメ ANIME anime
おれ ore I (male term of language, arrogant)
最後 さいご saigo last, latest
まで made until
おまえら omaera you (plural, male term of language)
ni {purpose}
つきあう tsukiau to associate with, to go along
ze {command}
ミツバ MITSUBA Mitsuba (nom, Japanese Parsley, here Sougo Mitsuba )
へん hen volume (of a text)
出演者 しゅつえんしゃ shutsuensha actor(s)
スタッフ SUTAFFU staff
no {relation}
コメント komento comment(s)
wa {topic}
コチラ kochira this way
公式 こうしき ko~shiki official
始めました はじめました hajimemashita to have started
フォロー FORO~ follow
お願いします おねがいします onegai shimasu please

The Story / ストーリー

Now, let’s have a look at the story; first, the setting:

「銀魂」屈指の泣けるエピソード ”ミツバ篇”



屈指 くっし kusshi leading, outstanding
泣ける なける nakeru to shed tears, to be moved to tears
エピソード EPISO~DO episode
とき toki time, moment
幕末 ばくまつ bakumatsu end of edo era
宇宙人 うちゅうじん uchu~jin space aliens
来襲 らいしゅう raishu~ raid, invasion
によって ni yotte because of, due to
近未来 きんみらい kinmirai near future
化した けした keshita changed
パラレル PARARERU parallel
江戸時代 えどじだい edo jidai Edo period

/ The leading, tear shedding, episode from Gintama: the “Mitsuba” volume. /
/ Time is end of Edo period, /
/ In a near future Edo period changed by the invasion of space aliens ~~~~ /

Now, the plot:


近々 ちがちが chigachiga soon
結婚する けっこん する kekkon suru to get married
こと koto fact
になった ni natta to have become
沖田 おきた okita Okita (name, here Sougo Okita)
あね qne older sister
ミツバ ミツバ Mitsuba (name, here Sougo Mitsuba)
ga {focus}
会い あい ai meet, visit
やってきた yatte kita came along, turned up

/ Okita’s older sister, Mitsuba, who is soon to getting married, comes to visit him. /


早く はやく hayaku quickly
はは haha mother
o {object}
亡くした なくした nakushita to have lost
にとって ni totte concerning, regarding
同然 どうぜん do~zen similar to, same
存在 そんざい sonzai being, existence
三つ葉 みつば mitsuba Mitsuba (Japanese Parsley, here in plain kanji)
to no  {with}
逢瀬 おうせ o~se date, rendez-vous
喜ぶ よろこぶ yorokobu to be delighted
だった datta was
ga but
実は じつは jitsu wa as a matter of fact, in reality
体調 たいちょう taicho~ physical condition
思わしくなく おもわしくなく omowashikunaku unsatisfactory, disappointing

/ For Okita who lost is mother quite soon, Mitsuba is like his mother. Okita was delighting of his rendez-vous with Mitsuba, but in reality Mitsuba’s physical condition was distressing… /


一方 いっぽう ippou meanwhile
むかし mukashi in the past
想い おもい omoi thought, desire, hope
寄せていた よせていた yosete ita to deliver
おとこ otoko man
土方 ひじかた hijikata Hijikata (name)
武器 ぶき  buki weapon, arms
闇取引 やみとりひき yamitorihiki secret deal, illegal transaction
かかわる kakawaru to have to do with
調査していた ちょうさ して いた cho~sa site ita had investigated, had performed an inquiry
そして soshite thus, and now
正体 しょうたい sho~tai true character, true identity
突き止めた つきとめた tsukitometa to pin down, to determine
なんと nanto what, how, whatever
その sono that
ひと hito person

Translation:/ Meanwhile, a man to whom Mitsuba had in the past delivered her thoughts – Hijikata, had investigated on a man with whom he had made a secret deal on weapons. And now Hijikata had pinned down the true identity of that man. It comes out that man is… /


幸せ しあわせ  shiawase happiness, luck
願う ねがう negau to wish, to request
あまり amari remainder, rest
仲間同士 なかまどうし nakamado~shi comrades
de {mean}
対立 たいりつ  tairitsu confrontation, opposition
する suru to do

/ Okita and Hijikata, willing to preserve what remains of Mitsuba’s happiness, decide to confront with the help of their comrades. /

What will happen then?






真選組 しんせんぐみ shinsengumi special samurai police force
友情 ゆうじょう yu~jo~ friendship, camaraderie
沖田 おきた okita Okita (name, here Okita Sougo)
願い ねがい negai vow, wish, request
土方 ひじかた hijikata Hijikata (name)
悲恋 ひれん hiren disappointed love
行方 ゆくえ yukue whereabouts
この kono this
物語 ものがたり monogatari story, tale
どうなるの dou naru no how / to become / reason, explanation, fact

/ The friendship of the Shinsengumi!? /
/ Okita’s wish!? /
/ The whereabouts of Hijikata and Mitsuba’s disappointed love…!? /
/Gin-San!?!? /
/ This story, what will happenー!?!?! /


登場人物 とうじょうじんぶつ to~jo~jinbutsu characters
坂田銀時 さかた ぎんとき  sakata gintoki Sakata Gintoki
小栗旬 おぐり しゅん oguri shun Oguri Shun
主人公 しゅじんこう shujinko~ hero (of a story), main protagonist
万事屋 よろずや yorozuya “House of 10,000 business”, the shop founded by Gintoki to sell his services.
天然パーマ侍 てんねん パーマ さむらい tennen PA~MA samurai natural hairhead / permanent wavy / samurai
土方十四郎  ひじかたとうしろう  hijikata to~shiro~ Hijikata Toushirou
柳楽優弥 やぎら ゆうや yagira yu~ya Yagira Yuuya
真選組 しんせんぐみ shinsengumi Shinsengumi – samurai police
副長 ふくちょう fukucho~ vice chief
マヨラー MAYORA~ mayonnaise lover
沖田ミツバ  おきた ミツバ  okita MITSUBA Okita Mitsuba
北乃きい きたの きい kitano kii Kitano Kii
あね ane older sister
タバスコ女 タバスコおんな TABASKO onna tabasco woman
近藤勲 こんどう いさお  kondo~ isao Kondou Isao
中村勘九郎 なかむら かんくろう nakamura kankuro~ Nakamura Kankurou
局長 きょくちょう kyokucho~ office chief
ストーカー SUTO~KA~ stalker
気質 きしつ kishitsu spirit, mind
沖田総悟 おきた そうご  okita so~go Okita Sougo
吉沢亮 よしざわ りょう yoshizawa ryo~ Yoshizawa Ryou
一番 いちばん ichiban first, number one
たい tai regiment, squad, group
隊長 たいちょう taichou commanding officer
ドS DO “S” extreme sadist
王子 おうじ o~ji prince
山崎退 やまざき さがる yamazaki sagaru Yamazaki Sagaru
mo {also}
登場 とうじょう to~jo~ appearance, entry (on stage)

Let’s see what will indeed happen this summer!


And as a reward for this hard work, here is the trailer…

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